Used Oil Removal

Excel Environmental, Inc. (d.b.a. Excel Oil Service) is a Federal and IEPA licensed hauler of non-hazardous used oils, anti-freeze, contaminated water and used oil filters. Excel owns and operates a fleet of tank wagons and tractor-trailers to insure prompt and legal disposal of the above-listed waste streams. Used oils are tested on a daily basis in small batches.  Used oils are recycled using EPA standards.  Total EPA protocol is followed with rigid, historically proven procedures. All used oils are either re-refined into vacuum gas oil or base oils for lubrication or utilized at Hot Mix plants to heat asphalt to proper temperatures to be applied on our roads. Excel supplied the fuel for the newly created runway at O’Hare Airport.

Contaminated water, water-soluble oils and anti-freeze are manifested and taken to EPA Licensed treatment facilities. Complete environmental compliance is guaranteed in writing: a Waste Stream Receipt is left with the generator after every pickup. This complete paperwork trail, coupled with Excel’s proven procedures, insures total environmental compliance for our customers.

Excel has been engaged in the environmental and “Special Waste Hauling” business for the past 40 years and has assisted and serviced thousand of generators in the Tri-State (Illinois/Indiana/Wisconsin) area to properly dispose of their non-hazardous waste streams. Customers either call in for same or next day service or are put on a regular pickup schedule of their choosing, which ever best fits their needs.

Excel is fully licensed and fully insured.
Federal EPA # ILD 094743507
Illinois EPA Special Hauler Permit # 0164
Generator # 0312610004

Charter Member of NORA(National Oil Recyclers Association )
American Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers

Chicago Petroleum Club
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Last updated October 8, 2019