On Specification Fuel Sales

Excel Oil Service has been in the Special Waste Hauling business since 1974 and our history has demonstrated that our oil management plan yields a premium fuel oil at a competitive price.

We operate a fleet of specially fabricated tank wagons collecting used oil from over 2,000 generators in the Tri-State area. All of our trucks have gear pumps and are compartmentalized so different waste streams can be segregated. Product is filtered at least twice, then tested for total compliance. Product is finally bag filtered. This final filtration eliminates most suspended insolubles down to 50 microns.

This “on specification fuel” is representative of a #4 fuel oil and has proven over the years to be a cost-effective BTU producer. In fact “On Specification Fuel” produced from Used oil generates 145,000 BTUs per gallon whereas #2 oil has only 136,000 BTUs per gallon giving more heat per gallon. This makes it even a better buy since you are purchasing heat value.

Excel transport at tank farm pickup up “on spec oil”

Mack front copy
Gear pump tank wagon – 3 separate compartments – 4,000 gallon capacity